Many of my patients have pain that stems from poor posture. I would certainly recommend a product that would effectively remind them to correct their posture throughout the day
—Dr. Brian Spencer, DO | Martin and Suhey Orthopedics

I’ll be recommending the AbDisc to my patients with bad posture and back pain. And as a competitive triathlete, I know the importance of a strong core… I’ve got my own AbDisc on order!
—Burkhard Spiekermann MD, Dipl. Rer. Nat. Medical Director | Perioperative Services

I have been working with a pre-manufactured model and I must say, I am very impressed. I need to keep ahead of a chronic back problem and the AbDisc helps wonderfully.
—J.K., CT

I use it to help strengthen my core—sneaking in crunch sessions throughout the day has helped significantly. AbDisc constantly reminds me to maintain proper posture—what a difference it makes!
—M.L., IL

My wife had major abdominal surgery. Recovery has been long and frustrating for her. Using AbDisc has helped her gain strength in her core and has sped up her recovery.
—K.M., PA

Comparing the AbDisc to other fitness monitors has shown it to be very accurate in counting steps and calories. It isn’t quite as “generous” as a couple of other popular brands, but it seems to be more accurate.
—D.H., VA

The app is smoothing out very well and AbDisc has been very responsive to comments.
—R.C., FL

After just a day or two of wearing the AbDisc I notice I am much more aware of my posture, and keeping my abs “engaged” like my physical therapist is always telling me to do!
—Y.B., PA

The first day I used it, two people asked me if I’d lost weight! Goes to show you how good posture can make you look better immediately… and more importantly I feel great too!
—J.S., VA

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