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Most of the technical information regarding the AbDisc can be found in our specifications section. Once AbDiscs are in distribution this is where you will come for support. In the meantime, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions…

Q. Why AbDisc? There are a lot of fitness monitors out there!
A. There are excellent monitors on the market, but none help strengthen your body core. AbDisc has been created to specifically monitor and measure your core conditioning and your posture. It also keeps track of steps, distance, calories burned and is supported by web and mobile apps.

Q. How accurate is the AbDisc?
A. Virtually all monitors use algorithms to calculate calories burned, steps, distance traveled, etc. Using the AbDisc apps, you can adjust these measurements to yield highly accurate results. We are constantly working on improving our algorithms while comparing our units to others.

Q. How tough is the AbDisc?
A. We designed AbDisc to perform in the real world. It will take drops and shocks and since it is totally sealed it is waterproof and dust proof. It also operates in the same wide range of temperatures that you do.

Q. Will AbDisc connect with other fitness apps?
A. As the fitness monitoring market matures we anticipate that there will be better standardization for data exchange. AbDisc is committed to making your fitness our top priority so we will be connecting with as many apps as possible. Please check back to see our list of compatible applications.

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